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Premarriage Education/Counselling

Premarriage Education and Counselling

When two people are in love and have been partners for a long time, marriage, for most, seems like an obvious progression. In fact, being happily married, as I am, is truly wonderful.

Most couples believe that they don't need premarriage education, and that they love each other enough and have a strong enough relationship to spend the rest of their lives together happily married. However, statistics show us,  unfortunately, that at least 50 % of people getting married today, will end up divorced and many of those who stay married will be unhappy. Therefore, most people need to gain some understanding and skills, pertaining to marriage, before they marry.

Premarriage education is about learning to communicate effectively with your partner, making decisions together without arguing, conflict resolution, and supporting each other emotionally. I would recommend premarriage education to all couples who are getting married. It generally takes a minimum of 3 x 1-1.5 hour sessions.

I have been counselling married couples for over 20 years and invariably they tell me that they wished they had seen me before they got married, as it would have avoided so many conflicts, arguments,  and sadness in their marriage. When couples complete a premarriage education course, they feel even more confident and excited about their upcoming marriage.


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