Hypnotherapy is often confused with Stage Hypnosis, or fictitious images of men with long beards gaining control of their subjects minds using hypnotherapy. Stage hypnosis is about illusion, not reality, and is very similar to a magic show. Hypnotherapy is a very powerful therapy which uses hypnosis to help clients make powerful changes to their thoughts, feelings, desires and behaviour, and address inconsistencies or incongruence between their conscious and unconscious; sometimes referred to as subconscious, minds.

Hypnosis is often defined as "an altered state of consciousness", however, I would prefer to look at it as a different state of consciousness. It is simply a deep state of relaxation which allows greater than normal changes and greater awareness to take place. No mind control or indoctrination is possible using hypnosis. People experience hypnotic states many times every day, when they daydream or "tune out", when they are driving and can't remember passing particular streets or suburbs, or the state experienced just before sleeping.

Using Hypnotherapy, I have helped people with Anxiety, Depression,  positive thinking, emotional blockages, habits and addictions; particularly smoking, alcohol, gambling and weight management, phobias: fear of heights, planes, swallowing tablets, public places, and death. In addition, I have helped clients overcome issues pertaining to panic attacks, exam nerves, academic performance, sports performance, self esteem, bed wetting, pain management, grief,  and many others. 
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